Monday, August 19, 2013

Wacky Week - day 1

To make life just a little more fun before those school days return and the alarm clock takes back control of the morning we have Wacky Week around here.  Each day is filled with a little nonsense and fun and we try to eek out all of summer.
 Today we started off with eating our breakfast of ice-cream under the table.  Peter would have nothing to do with that activity, but he is excited about the rest of the week.
 We also had a back to school party at our house with a bunch of friends.  These pictures are all I got of the party.  Only those people with assistants that are in charge of the camera get good shots of all the kids having fun.  Me, I got the before shots.  The rest is in our memory banks.  The above shot is the ammo, water balloons.  Aprox. 275 balloons filled and tied.
 Ammo number 2, water guns and then the pool water ended up being ammo number 3.  Hee hee!
 The food set up.  What fun to make and arrange.  Apple cupcakes, apple juice, little chocolates that look like buses, smarties, and cookies, and the ever popular cheeto.  Such fun, and the sign was kinda neat too.  So, the party was great.  All the kids had fun and then the water fight began and the party got better.  We started with the balloons, moved to the guns and then the kids realized you could get the water bottles from the snacks and toss the water from those at people.  Then they attacked me and I got out the bigger cups that hold more water and more fun ensued.  It was great, wet and totally fun!
 Wacky activity not on the schedule; this crazy looking tomato that I picked from the garden.  Wacky
Kid initiated wacky activity; putting eyeball stickers all over themselves.  Kings and Queen of Wacky.
The rest of the week will continue to be awesome!  It will be spent of course in Scofield where our wacky activities include: National Fort Day, Backward Day, dessert for breakfast, spiky hair, a Berenstain Bear book read-a-thon (we have more than 50 after all), and more.  So much fun for the last of the summer days.

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