Sunday, March 16, 2014

A happy and special day

Peter Ralph Gray
Baptized by Robert Michael Gray
8 March 2014
 This was the most important part of the day.  The special and sacred ordinance of baptism, to follow in the path of Jesus Christ and receive that special gift of the Holy Ghost.  No amount of fun preparations or cookies could outshine this sweet boy in white.  He was excited, nervous, and so happy to be making this choice.  It was awesome!  He told me he had a hard time holding still after the baptism, when it was time for his confirmation.  He said he was just too excited and happy.  That is all I wanted for him, to be happy on this day and feel the spirit.
Look at those sweet kids.  A happy family.
 Those who came to support Peter.  We have such a terrific family!
A beautiful sunny day means it is hard to smile with a bright sun in your eyes.  But it also means that you can go home and have your lunch outside with fun cousins to play with.  We planned a white party for Peter after the baptism.  Chicken Alfredo, milk, cookies (baptism ones), butter noodles, poppy seed muffins, cauliflower (not Peter's choice but we needed a veggie in there), and rolls.  OH!  And rice krispy treats!  Peter made sure to grab plenty of those after he ate his noodles.  It was fun!  Although, Peter being the partial introvert he is had had enough of the crowds and spent a good portion of the afternoon on his own.  The important stuff was done and he wanted to play his own games.  He is such a wonderful kid.
I had him write down his feelings/memories from the day.  This is what he wrote:
"I felt so excited, nervous, and after I was baptized I felt so happy.  I thought it was fun.  I felt the love of Jesus.  I always want to feel the love of Jesus."
Then I had him write down his testimony the next morning before church.
"I believe in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  My baptism day was a special day because I felt the Spirit so much and I was excited to be baptized and feel the love of Jesus.  I want to be with Jesus again and how I can do that is by being honest and following what He wants me to do.  I like that I get to learn about Jesus so I can be happy again.  I know the church is true and I know that I went through the veil so I could do my best on Earth."
Such a wonderful boy!  I am so happy for him and that he really is trying his best on Earth.  This is our family.  This is who we want to be with forever and Peter just took another important step on this path to forever.  

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Alisa said...

I am so glad it was a nice day. What a fun idea to do all white food.