Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Being Thankful for this Day

So much time has been spent on getting Peter ready for his birthday or his baptism.  The other kids have been patient with all this attention on Peter, and along the way they they have been doing awesome things.
 Little Miss Haley is successfully wearing underwear!  Yahoo!  She is such a big girl and we are so happy and proud.  She loves that she has been able to do this and is proud of herself too.
 William lost his first tooth!  And the other one is already coming in.  He was brave enough to let dad pull it out.
Caleb was up to more inventing and building last night and built himself a temporary fort in the tree.  He loved doing it all on his own and had a blast up there.  But he took it all down because he said people might try to steal the wood when we were not there.  Poor kid has learned about dishonesty the sad way.
 Peter had his last week of the countdown, he is ready to go.  He received his baptism towel and I cannot believe the big day is this Saturday!  Wow, all this preparation and work and we are finally here.  He is excited.  The week before we talked about the Holy Ghost and he received a little fabric book I made about how the Holy Ghost helps us.
Diedre's version of baptism cookies for Peter.  I looked and looked on the web for baptism cookies.  All I could find were the 8 (which I already knew about), CTR shields or catholic crosses.  So, my head came up with the gingerbread boy design.  Legs are blue for the water, white shirt for the clothing, and my Peter boy with his blond hair and sweet smile.  Simple but I like it.  I think we are ready for the big day.  I hope it is special and fun for him and the rest of us.

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Alisa said...

You are so crafty with those cookies. I hope the day is great.