Sunday, May 4, 2014

He made the save!!!!

Oh my word. Intense!  Heart pounding!  Teeth clenched!  Excited!  Relieved!  All those emotions passed through me in the space of not many seconds as I watched this awesome kid do his job.  Phew.  See those three girls in gray coming to Caleb's aid?  They are rock solid!  A wall of awesomeness that supports Caleb in is job as goalie.  Those girls are tough and such great defenders.  I love them.  But frankly at about 10 minutes left in the game I stopped cheering for them, just so Caleb could get some action.  Caleb had made a few saves, was doing great.  But, he was having a moment of just standing.  Then the moment came, the other team was charging right for him, and they got past our wall.  It was up to my Star Goalie.  He made the decision, he charged at the kid.  He kicked the ball away but it was still on the ground and the blues were still attacking.  Caleb did not back down, he kept after that ball and dove on it, and made the most awesome save!!!!  Cheers went up, "Yeah, Caleb!"  Clapping and a hand to my heart I was (and still am) so proud.  OH that boy is awesome!  How did the game end?  0-0  Second game in a row where it was a shut-out for Caleb.  True, our team did not score either but, HELLO.  Caleb did his job (along with the defense), and kept it at zero - that is a win to me. :)  I do not know how those moms do it who have goalies in major league teams???  They must be on the edge of their seat the whole time, or just standing because who can sit when things get intense?
Now where are the other kids you ask?  Being great little supporters.  William and Haley are the best and hang out together the whole game while my heart pounds and my cheers grow loud.
Peter also had an awesome flag football game yesterday where he was a rock at defense and yanked the flag off from the other team 5 or 6 times.  He was in the right place at the right time and very focused on his job.  Such fun kids and such fun times.  I love it.

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