Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer's end

After Harry Potter World we only had a few days left of summer before school would begin.  We made one last trip to the cabin to enjoy it.
 We had "Family Lake Morning", thanks to an idea we heard in primary.  The kids got in the water, Peter swam around and we shared a quick thought from the scriptures.  Then we sang "Oh what do you do in the summertime."  Very fitting.
 On the last nice day at the lake (since the rest of the time it rained) the boys took advantage of the lake and journeyed across the lake.  There were no boats, no wind, glassy water and sun.  They headed out on their floater things and went to the other side.  Caleb was the super big brother and when he and Peter made it to the other side William decided he wanted to go too.  SO, Caleb came all the way back, got William and those two joined Peter on the sandy shores.  No sooner had they arrived than the wind picked up and they made their way back across.
 The girls waited and cheered on the dock.
 The great adventurers!  They made it back and loved it.
 We got wacky and ate under the table, ate candy for dinner and were just silly.
 Even though the weather took a turn for cold, wind and rain the boys made sure to get a few more jumps in.  Because they are awesome.
 We even spotted an osprey at the lake.  So, exciting!
 Haley's wacky hair and the faces of sweet kids.
One last summer activity, shooting rockets off with cabin friends.  Loving life before the alarm clock starts to ring.

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