Friday, August 29, 2014

New school beginnings

And so it begins, another school year.  There were some excited kids, one grumpy one (summer was over after all), and anticipation at what was to come

 A Sixth Grader!  Holy cow!  Caleb has grown into an amazing boy.  Señor Meza will be his teacher for the final year of elementary school.  Caleb is excited!  After school Caleb's comments went something like this, "Señor Meza is HILLARIOUS!  We get to mummify a frog this year.  This is going to be a good year."  Yeah for good teachers and great kids.  
Peter's teachers this year are Mrs. Fiskell (english) and Señorita Villa (spanish).  If you could not guess, Peter was the one not looking forward to school.  He is an excellent student, great at math and homework, but he was not happy to go to school.  HOWEVER, upon seeing him after school his first words to me were, "Señorita Villa is the nicest spanish teacher I could have gotten.  I wish I could stay with her all the time."  Whew!  He enjoyed his whole day at school.  Yippi!  And Señorita Villa really is awesome.  It is her first year teaching and she is happy, upbeat, sweet and has a great smile.  She also has a strong accent and speaks fast, it will be good for Peter to learn from her.
 After school we had one last summer moment and got each other wet with water balloons.  A certain Uncle taught the boys how to throw water balloons so they would bust on impact.  Thanks to said Uncle Caleb was armed with power.  This is us before being drenched.
 Drenched and still smiling.  
William started the day after the others.  He is starting in the Spanish Immersion program this year and he seems excited.
Senorita Robles, the spanish teacher.
Ms. Garduno, the english side.  Both seem very nice and happy.  William only had happy things to report after his first full day of school.  The thing he seems most excited about is being able to see either Caleb or Peter at recess or lunch.
Little Miss Haley.  She has officially enrolled herself in Mommy School.  Her first day we talked about the letter P.  You know; pink, princess, puppy, pony....  Hopefully we will have fun along the way.  We all experienced a good start to the year, here's to keeping it up.

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Carole Gray said...

Super cute kids! Do your best in the new school year!