Friday, September 26, 2014

Life keeps moving

I'll let the pictures do the talking....
 We have had some very pretty moments
 We went to a fun car show together
Some sweet, happy moments 

 We went for a drive in the canyon to see some beautiful colors and sights
 More fall colors
School days
Caleb took his turn at Safety Patrol
 Haley is master of the spider web on the play ground.  Her favorite thing to do after we drop the boys off in the morning.
 Lots of soccer practice.  Soccer deserves it's own post but this picture of Haley being the supportive sister is too cute.  She has made some fun friends while waiting for her brothers. 
 Heartland Elementary has some fun school traditions.  The one pictured here is the Fun Run.  The kids make a goal of how many laps they think they can do, then they go run around like crazy out in the sun and heat, all the while being cheered on by their teachers and us crazy moms.   All three boys did great!
 Caleb ran a total of 2 miles for his fun run.  He was hot and tired afterward but felt good about his efforts.
We celebrated with fun run cookies after school.  These boys are awesome!

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