Friday, December 19, 2014

My kids are awesome

 So, two weeks ago Caleb came home from school informing us that he had volunteered to play Silent Night on his violin for his 6th grade Christmas program.  All of a sudden the practices became a little more serious and longer.  He proved his awesomeness several times by practicing while everyone else was playing.  He even skipped recess this week and stayed inside to practice his violin.  He also proved that he should not practice while tired, there were some cranky nights of violin.
 William had his Christmas program at school and it was cute, awesome and sweet.  And this teacher, Señorita Robles, is terrific!
 Today was the Day Of Truth for Caleb.  Today was the day that he had to play for the whole school and then the parents program in the class room.  He was great!  But this voluntary sharing of his talents did not come without some bumps in the road.  For two weeks Caleb practiced Silent Night in the key of D.  Also for a week and a half he was the only one playing music for the 6th grade to sing to.  HOWEVER, two days before the program (yes TWO DAYS) they changed the key from D to G on him!  They also added a piano player and two other violins for him to play with.  Caleb took it all in stride and was okay with the key change.  Man, talk about late notice.  But he did great.  My favorite parts of  the morning was watching Caleb play, hearing Peter's class Christmas song (5 hula hoops), and the 6th grade teachers performance.  It was awesome, epic, so fun and fabulous!  I wish I could show you the video, but trust me, 6th grade at Heartland Elementary has got to be the best!  Those teacher are fun and great!  Look at Señor Meza, he just emits coolness.
Then soccer tonight.  Wahoo!  The final score was 10 - 3, us!!!!!!  Caleb made amazing saves, terrific focus and the rest of the team did amazing (as is evident by the score).  Those three goals you are asking?  They were high, tough and one of them was even off of a ricochet that Caleb batted away.  Indoor soccer is intense, fun, fast and great training for these kids.  William and Haley were great siblings rooting for Caleb.  Peter is a terrific brother and even though he read a book the whole game, he still caught some of Caleb's saves.  Our family is awesome!

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