Sunday, December 28, 2014

Changing of the Guard

Well, I am very bummed.  Sad.  Heavy heart.  Blah.  Why?  Because today was my last day as the official singing lady in primary.  Yup.  They released me.  BOOOOOO!!!!  With a very heavy heart I have accepted a new calling as the Ward Scout Committee Chair-Who Ha Whatever you call it person.  See, my new calling is not even half as cool as the primary chorister.  Yes, I am reluctant to leave primary.  The new woman called to fill the roll will be awesome.  And I already told the primary kids that they are not rid of me yet.  I will probably go visit often.  I am not a fan of Relief Society.  Forgive me all of you out there that are.  But, seriously?  Primary is so much fun!  The beauty of primary lies in the fact that it is the gospel in purity.  Primary is love, simple truths, innocence and happiness.  And talk about fun!  I loved it.  And I will miss it.  So, to help my kids and I all remember our amazing and awesome time in primary together I got us these singer kids.  
Each one represents one of my kids.  The smallest one was supposed to be mine, but Peter just claimed it.  They are nesting dolls but I split them up and inside each one is a roll of paper where I wrote down some memories I have of being in primary with my kids.  It was the best time ever.  I know, I may be in primary again one day.  But it will never be with all my kids at the same time.  Caleb leaves primary next year!  So, it is with a heavy heart that I leave my kids and primary.  How much can I say that I loved my time there.  It really is the best place to be on Sunday.

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