Monday, March 9, 2015

Second chances at fun and happiness

Time just seems to fly sometimes.  It has been another month of homework, activities, scouts, fun and the like.  
 Peter celebrated his 9th birthday and I think he enjoyed himself.  Rob took the three younger kids swimming while I took Caleb to choir.  Caleb was unhappy about missing out on swimming, but it is what it is. Among the other presents Peter received was this new bike for school and fun.  He was excited to ride it to school the next day.
Valentines Day came and went and I called for a re-do, a second chance to show love to each other.  The actual day was terrible.  Selfish kids, grumpy parents, tired kids, impatient kids and parents. So, we determined that we needed to give this "day of love" a second chance and do it another day.  Our re-do was on Monday and it went much better.  Happier kids, smiling parents, good food to eat. Yea!
Caleb had a fun first happen for him.  The 6th grade Valentine dance was held at the school and he was one of the few boys who was not dreading the experience.  He wanted to ask his cute friend to the dance, and was looking forward to dancing and having fun.  What an awesome kid!
 These two crazies can have a super fun time together.  On this particular night they dressed up as ninjas and went to town in their fighting skills.
 You may have seen my love of nesting dolls in recent photos.  Well, I tried my hand at nesting dolls for our little family.  Goalie is of course for Caleb.  Plants is for my botanist Peter.  Haley loves tigers.  And William goes crazy for foxes.  That tiger had a few second chances given to it when I had to do a few coats of paint to get it just right.  I have another set that I painted for the cabin.  The fawn for that one took 6 coats of "second chance" paint for me to get it right!
 And winter gave us a second chance!!!!!!  Oh what a happy family we were to see the snow fall, and stick.  We could not resist.  Snow ice cream was made and devoured.  Snow angels were done.  A fort was constructed.  Snow ball fights ensued.  Glove after glove was used in keeping warm and dry.  It was terrific!

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