Saturday, February 7, 2015

The play by play

So, a few disclaimers before we get into it.  Watching a game through texts is interesting.  Trying to text a game, play by play, for indoor soccer is tough.  The only reason that I, Diedre, did not go to the game is because we had one child that chose to be slightly punkish and not go.  So, I stayed home while Rob went.  And this appears to have been a very intense, hard and fast game.
So, this is how the game played out:

  • 9:20pm; 3-2 (our team is always the first mentioned)
  • 9:22; 4-2
  • 9:23; 5-2
  • 9:24; 6-2
  • 9:25; 7-2 (hello? one goal per minute, wowzers!)
  • 9:29; 8-2
  • 9:30; 8-3 (darn one got by Caleb)
  • 9:31; half
  • 9:36; second half begins
  • 9:42; 9-3
  • 9:45; 10-3
  • 9:51; 10-4 (another darn)
  • 9:51; 11-4
  • 9:52; 12-4
  • 9:52; 13-4
  • 9:55; 13-5 (humph) (but holding strong)
  • 9:58; game
Phew!  What an incredible amount of action that must have been! Even though 5 got by Caleb, Rob said he was playing hard and focused.  I still cannot believe how many goals were scored in such a short amount of time.  Our team was killing it!  And we won.  Phew!
(Haley and I made this for our family before Caleb got home from school)
(It is for St. Patrick's Day.  But also, soccer, tests, and life passing happily.)
I think it worked for tonight.

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