Monday, September 21, 2015

Another week is in the books

Our week was your typical week.  Full of homework and activities from church and home and scouts and the like.  It was busy.  It was also full of strange weather.  Sunny and windy and cloudy and monsoons.  Made for interesting soccer.

 The kids took advantage of the monsoon type weather and played in the puddles.  They loved it!   Especially Haley who made herself comfortable and got good and wet.
 Because Caleb is now in middle school he has a late start on Fridays.  Haley loves this time with Caleb.  They usually read together and do a craft before he goes to school.  Here they are showing off their scarecrows they made.
 Caleb came home Friday afternoon sporting this awesome apron that he sewed himself in his class at school this week.  He did a great job for a beginner.
 As I said earlier, this week was full of soccer.  Caleb had 3 games, William had 2 and Peter had one.  Plus I made Caleb practice even though it was raining and his original team practice had been canceled.  I am mean like that.  Peter's game was again a blow out, with a win of 9-0.  Go, Rainbow Chickens!  Yes, that is their team name.
 William took a turn at keeper and then on the field as defense.  He prefers evening games because they are not so hot.   But he does great no matter what!  He had one win and one loss.
Caleb.  This is his team name/logo.  And as close to a photo as you will get from this week.  Wednesday's game was tough.  Caleb made some great saves and the whole team did incredible at the second half.  But unfortunately they ended with a loss of 3-4.  We had to rush from soccer that night to get to the court of honor for scouts where Caleb was awarded 2 rank advancements and many, many merit badges.  He was a busy little beaver that day.
Thursday we had another game and this one was much less rough.  We won 6-0, with Caleb earning his second shut out of the season!
Saturday and it was game day again.  This time we knew the team would be harder and the sun had come out again to toast things up.  But our team was ready to shine.  Caleb made some excellent saves, has a great defense to back him up and we won 3-2!  The last minutes of the game seemed crazy long, wondering when they would blow that whistle.  After we scored the winning goal the other team took their keeper out of the box to give them an extra man.  They had several goal kicks in Caleb's box and even with the extra man our Glory team was tough and took the win home!  It was a crazy, good week.

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