Sunday, September 13, 2015

Moments of goodness

Today had some good moments to remember.  Most of it happened because of music.  There is music that inspires and music that connects you to something better and higher.  I am grateful for that time today.  In church we welcomed home a very good missionary and the family brought music into the meeting and sweet feelings into my heart.  Feelings of how awesome my kids are, that I cannot believe the age of missionary work will soon enter our home, and that my kids are good.
Then this evening at bedtime we turned on some music in the boys' room.  The lights were out, life was calm and peaceful, and the spirit came into their room.  Haley came and sat in my lap and we were together, with the love of Heavenly Father, and it was perfect.  It was goodness.  It was a moment of heaven on earth that was ours.  I am thankful for that moment.  I am thankful that I was there to be with my kids and let them feel that love.

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