Friday, January 1, 2016

The New Year

For New Years Eve we ventured out of the house to go to Thanksgiving Point and watch a movie done by National Geographic called "Robots".  A perfect movie for Caleb, he loves robots, but we thought everyone would enjoy it.
 It was a movie in 3D, all the kids loved it!  Caleb was the biggest fan, he ate it all up.  But each kid had a favorite part of the movie.  I, Diedre, liked the movie as well; although there was some motion sickness happening every now and then.
 In front of the movie poster after it was all done.  A great family activity for all of us.
 After we came home the kids colored some cool looking masks for New Years.
 With glow sticks and colorful masks, it was a fun night.
 Traditional "glow dinner" was served and enjoyed by all.
Here's to another year of adventure, learning and fun!

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