Saturday, January 9, 2016

The weekend's happenings

Rob's firm was able to work on the Provo City Center Temple.  On Friday all those companies that worked on the temple were able to go to a special open house.  We ventured out, found parking and made our way to the crowds. It was busy.  There were lines.  There were people to go around and wait with.  It was a pretty temple. Everyone liked watching the video, everyone did not like the slow lines. But it was neat to be together.
 And after all was said and done, the fountain outside the temple was beautiful and added some calmness to the crowds.
The the rest of the weekend has been soccer.  Surprise!  Peter had a late game at 9:00pm.  He did a terrific job!  He was keeper first half and did great.  He charged, he blocked, he saved.  He only let 2 get by and that was not after some pressure.  Second half he was on the field, and although he was tired he played tough and did his best.  Love my soccer boys!
Caleb had two games this morning, one at 630 am (rise and shine!) and the other at 810am.  On our way to the 630 game, in the dark and cold, we found the song "Wide Awake" on the radio.  It was very appropriate.  The first game was tough.  Our team took 11 shots on goal. Humph. The other team took 43 shots on Caleb.  Hence, we lost 12-1.  But not without some terrific efforts on Caleb's part and the defense.  Second game was different.  We were more awake and we won 6-3. Again, Caleb and his defense did great and our offense turned it on.  A good day. Now we need to go get that primary talk ready for William and showers for everyone.  

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