Friday, April 15, 2016

Sometimes things work out

There is just too much to catch up on.  So, we will start from here.  First off, the fact that I got this photo to show up here just proves that sometimes things work out.

This little man, used to be the easiest.  Now he gets tricky sometimes.  But he is still such a sweetheart and we love him dearly.  This past Sunday we started his 8 week countdown to baptism day.  Wow, it is so close!  He is already prepared and knows his stuff.  But hopefully in the next 8 weeks we can make baptism seem a little more special, important and help him understand a tiny bit more the greatness of this event.  So, he got his 8 shirt (as pictured) and loved it.  Then we played baptism BINGO, where we have all the Gray family's photos on bingo cards and we read about their own baptisms.  It was a hit!  The kids all enjoyed hearing about their family member's baptisms, and remembering their own.  So glad we get to share that with them.

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