Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Achieving great things!

Such a blurry picture.  But it is hard to take a photo of a jumping kid.  Man, encouraging this kid can be quite the job sometimes.  He is so busy and helping him stay on task, we can all get grumpy about life sometimes.  But this afternoon, he was excited to do these high jumps.  He has been given some soccer homework to do each day from coach.  50 sit ups, 50 push ups, and 200 triangles.  I make him do something extra, mean mom that I am.  Well, today he was on a roll with his 50/50/200, I had a good song on and he was excited.  I told him to do his high jumps.  With every jump he touched the ceiling!  EVERY SINGLE JUMP!  Before Christmas he was not able to touch that often, but somewhere along the way, he can do it!!!!  Coach once said that if you can jump and touch the ceiling, you can touch the top of the BIG goal.  Such a great accomplishment!  Well, while we were on such a success streak, I measured him, and somewhere along the way....he has grown over an inch taller!!!  To top it all off, he has straight A's for the second quarter this school year. WOW!!!  All that work and encouragement and cheerleading and nagging.....something is working.  GO CALEB!!!

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