Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So.... Christmas happened

Man, we really have not been that busy.  Just trying to help people get better.  If it is not coughing, throw up duty, getting tissues for time to think about what happened during Christmas.  But now, it must be remembered, to remember the fun and relaxing moments.
 Jelly bean Santa.  One of Caleb's teammates was so generous and gave us this ginormous bag of jelly beans.  Good thing they are tasty.
 Had our sleepover under the tree.  Snuggly blankets and pretty lights to look at as we go to sleep.
 Christmas morning and it was wonderful.  There was snow to play in, snow ice cream to make and eat and fun presents to enjoy.  Peter and Caleb spent a good portion of the day reading their new comic books and other books.
 They also took time to play with their new legos.  Because of the snow we ended up staying home the entire day, it was wonderful!
 They had all the time they wanted to read, play, read some more and Haley and William took some time to draw with Rob.
Of course we made time to play in the fresh, awesome, beautiful snow.  Snow forts....
 And Caleb's huge snowball.  He was very proud of that one.  Fortunately for all of us, he just chucked it into the street instead of at one of us.  I was worried about how much it would hurt.
One last shot, beautiful Haley, with two of her favorite gifts.  You may have noticed in some of the pictures that there was a remote control car here and there.  Each of the kids received one and we took some chances to go to the church and drive them around.  They were a big hit!  The other terrific gift they received was from Grandpa Terry.  He got them a 30 day swimming pass.  We have been having fun swimming and enjoying time together.  Good times, even if the sick bug hit.

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