Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moving up in Scouts

Last night was a very cool night for Peter and William.  We had pack meeting for scouts and each of the boys were given some important advancements.
Peter received his Arrow of Light!!!  Such a great accomplishment!  It takes a lot of work and time to learn everything to advance from Cubs Scouts to Boy Scouts.  With the help of terrific leaders and time on our part, he accomplished everything he needed.  In fact, he earned more electives that are required, just because he is that cool.  Sister Kuene, his den leader said she always enjoyed having Peter in her den because he was so "easy going and helpful."  He is such a great kid.  Not only that, but the transition into Boy Scouts (so far) has not been too bad.  Peter has really stepped up to the plate and show responsibility in getting his scout homework done and having a pretty good attitude about it all.  Yeah!
Here we are with Sister Kuene.  She has such a great personality that really helped Peter feel welcomed in the troop and also helped Peter want to go to scouts.  
 William also received a rank advancement, he earned his Wolf.  Love this boy!  And he really enjoys scouts.  He also has some great leaders that plan fun activities.  Plus, William has a broad range of interests, so it helps him learn a lot of things in scouts.
 We had lots of family support there at pack meeting.  All 3 sets of grandparents came to support the boys.  What a great feeling of love and support they have around them.
We cannot forget the terrific leaders they have to back them up.  The man with the walking stick is the Cub Scout leader, he has such a great love and dedication to each of the boys. The two other men are Peter's Boy Scout leaders, and they will help him learn a lot.  On ward and upward, for new things to learn and a lot of time and work ahead.

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