Friday, March 31, 2017

State Science Fair

Remember all those eggs?  Remember that post awhile back about district science fair?  Yup, Caleb is awesome and was able to advance to State Science Fair!  He was so happy, and he told me that all week the only thing that helped him be excited for school was looking forward to state at the end of the week.  He is a great kid.
 It started out early in the morning.  But he popped right out of bed and got ready.  I even made him a new robot bow tie for the occasion.  Everyone deserves nice things sometimes.
 He was at school bright and early for them to bus him down to BYU.  He worked hard on getting his presentation right and trying to remember everything.  We even redid his poster and journal, just to make it better.  It is weird sending your child off somewhere, without you, and hoping that all goes good for him.
 Haley and I were going to go see him at lunch time.  They were feeding the students pizza for lunch, but I knew Caleb had soccer practice that night and might need something on the trip home.  So, me (being a crazy, dork mom) came up with this "brilliant" lunch idea!  Put all his foods in plastic easter eggs.  Get it?  Eggs, egg science fair project....I am cheesy and cool.
 We got down there and he was happy.  He said he had been nervous and forgot a few things, but overall felt good with his judging.  He got a lot of time to read his book because he was judged last of all in his group.  But he did not mind that.  He also did not mind going on the mini ropes course 4 times.  He loves stuff like that.  He was also very happy that he won one of the door prizes, this cool puzzle that you work with marbles and stuff.  Very brainy and fun.
 None of this could have been done without terrific teachers to help and support and teach.  Mrs. Wilson has never taught Caleb but was there at the science fair.  However, Señor Bertoch taught Caleb last year and he is AMAZING!  Senor Bertoch is such a fun teacher that really engages the kids.  But he also cares about them and really tries to help each student succeed.  Such a great experience for Caleb to go through.  Although he did not advance, sadly, he was happy with what he did accomplish.  Another thing that Caleb was happy about is that his project can really apply to everyday life and has already helped his dad.  Grandpa Terry even tried it out and it worked for him too.
So, even though he did not advance, he still got his favorite dinner.  What is even cooler about this picture.  Look.  One very tired kid, after a really long day, with his favorite dinner, doing his homework for the next day.  He is AWESOME!

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