Thursday, June 1, 2017

Keeping up the awesome

Tis that time, the end of school and the beginning of summer - YES!
 Haley worked her little Kindergarten self up to earning the Golden Husky.  She is one smart girl.
 Both of the boys also earned the Golden Husky, with some encouragement from outside sources (mom).
 With the end of the year comes Bro-Sis Day.  Kept it very simple, because Caleb had a hike for YMs and Peter was supposed to have soccer.  But this is one cute moment of them together, happy and peaceful.
The "Fridge of Fame", each of their accomplishments put on paper and presented to them in school.  Great kids and very smart.  They worked hard all year to pass things off and stay on top of their work, they deserve a terrific summer!

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