Thursday, June 1, 2017

Last day of San Francisco

When we went to watch whales Peter saw this aquarium and suggested that we go.  So, while Rob went to do some things that he wanted (and thought the rest would be bored) we went to the aquarium.
 They had 2 cool tunnels that you could walk through.  We saw sharks, tiny fish, manta rays, boring colored big fish and one little fish that was really having problems swimming than BAM! - another fish came up and took a bite out of him, right in front of us.  The kids were all pretty grossed out.
 Caleb made a new friend, the blue tongued skink.  Caleb loved that lizard.  Not kidding, while everyone was at the touch pools, for a good 15 or so minutes, Caleb sat in that exact spot and watched the skink.  And the skink seemed to like Caleb too, it would just walk toward Caleb and they made eye contact for a while.  Such a cool kid.
 While Caleb was making friends, Haley made friends with the sting rays at the touch pools.  She would not leave.  She loved how soft they were.
 William's favorite animal gave William lots of smiles, the otters were out and playing in the water.
 Our last's days weather was actually hot and sunny.  And this was the lunch where Peter was genuinely smiling and happy to eat out with us.  Normally he wanted to go back to the apartment and eat.  Picky kid.  But this day he was so hungry and while the rest of us ate crap for our bodies, he wanted me to buy him fruit from the very overpriced fruit stand.  I said yes and he was happy.  Another lesson learned, they just do not serve enough yummy clam chowder in those bread bowls.  Especially when Caleb realizes that he too likes clam chowder.
 One last stop to see the goofy sea lions on Pier 39.
 Haley was excited to try the carousel.
 While 3 kids plus mom went back to the apartment, William and Rob went and saw a beautiful building, the Palace of Fine Arts.  Rob said it was one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco.  William loved the turtles and swans there.
While Rob and William had the camera at the Palace, the rest of us got out of the apartment for one more souvenir shopping trip.  While we were at Pier 39 they had the bungee jump cords.  Peter never asks for anything, but while we were there (with only my terrible phone camera on hand), Peter wanted to do the bungee jump.  Of course I said yes!  And he had a blast!  He did so many back flips and a few front flips.  He was all smiles and excitement, he loved his souvenir.  However, upon coming back to Utah his tummy muscles were feeling the burn and his added exercise was being felt. At first we thought it was a tummy ache, then I realized, hey you were doing a lot of flips with those abs...... Such a sweet, complex, yet simple kid Peter is.
One last picture in front of the view that greeted us each day before we left a really great family vacation.  It was super fun.  Sometimes crazy, sometimes really tiring, but each day brought fun and good memories.

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