Thursday, July 2, 2009

Horray for America!

I must say, I love the great tradition of rodeos! I just love them! I love putting on my boots and walking around in them, I love stomping on the bleachers and making a lot of sound with my boots. I love going to the rodeo and making a whole bunch of sound and cheering so loud that all the kids look at me like I am a nut. I love watching a horse run really, really fast. I love watching those cute little kids ride those sheep. I love watching the bull riding and getting so excited by the whole event. And I really love that my oldest child was born at this time of year so that gives us a great excuse to go to the rodeo and do all these fun, loud things together. I also love watching my kids groove to the rodeo music, cheer for the cowboys and get excited to watch it all over again.
So, that is what we did tonight. To kick off Caleb's birthday celebration we always go to the rodeo, it is so fun! Dacia brought along her boys (minus Jason) and Pa came with us too. I had a blast and so did Caleb and Peter. I cannot speak for Dacia and her boys (Spencer was a wee bit on the wiggly side), but the rodeo was a definite hit for us. The weather was great for the rodeo, my kids were so well behaved for the whole thing; I even managed to get Will to take a short nap during the barrel racing. Seriously he slept through all of my stomping and grooving. Oh, and I forgot one other thing I love, seeing my three awesome kids wearing their cowboy hats! Oh, they are such good looking boys! We had fun, I had fun; oh how I love a good rodeo!
Now we are going to head for Scofield tomorrow to watch "Caleb's" fireworks from off the island, play in the lake, row the boat and eat rice krispy treats, watermelon and hamburgers. I am feeling good right now because life is happy.
Have a fabulous 4th of July! -Diedre

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Dacia said...

Hey guys(and Diedre),
We had such a fun time. I had never been to the rodeo before and despite the overly minor distractions of Spencer had a great time! Thanks so much for inviting us! I know the boys loved it. Hope you have a wonderful 4th and that Caleb has a great B-day. Can't wait to try out your present sometime! Luvs!-Dacia