Friday, July 3, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA, Day One (Morning)

Holiday Weekend! Sweet! Mindy didn't have work and I don't have school today, so we decided to get out of town. We didn't want to go too far AND we felt that we really needed to come back to Pittsburgh and see other things besides IKEA. Yes, there is more to Pittsburgh, PA than that awesome, ginormous, blue and yellow toy store for grown ups. But have no fear, we are planning on stopping by IKEA sometime tomorrow.
But for now, I just thought I'd put a quick post up. Here's a photo of our car... in front of our high quality, two star hotel room (but the price was right, eh?). The other good thing this hotel is the location. 0.7 miles from IKEA, shares a parking lot with Denny's, up the street from a movie theater (where we'll probably see a movie, any suggestions?), and tons of other food.
I just got back from my morning run around the place exploring the commercial area... which was the entire area really. But I now where I want to eat now, which is great. And the run had a couple of great quarter to half mile long hills. Okay, y'all might not care about that detail. Anywho. Here's a pic over looking the mall that I ran around during the run. IKEA is just to the left out of the picture. But now we're off. We're heading to Fallingwater! Are you jealous? You should be! More pics to come.

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