Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nice trophy, dude!

It was Caleb's last game tonight and he did great! His team really improved over the season (can you really call it a season when they cram so many games into a month and a half?). They learned how to work together and really charge after the ball and attack. Especially Caleb. When his coach gave him the trophy (which is a pretty sweet trophy!) he said that Caleb was the best hustler on the team. That's my boy! He did great! He was able to score at least 3 goals this season and he played his heart out. I asked him tonight if he wanted to play again next year and his initial response was no. But later in the evening he said that he might play next year. I think he was so tired after the game tonight that he did not want to have to work that hard again next year. :) But I sure hope he does. He did so good this year and I just love cheering for him and seeing him enjoy a sport. Way to go, Caleb!


Dave said...

Yay, Caleb! I hope he keeps playing next year!

Dacia said...

Awesome trophy Caleb. Much better than last years. Sounds like you are awesome-keep it up!