Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin carving

Monday night found us carving our pumpkins for the boys. It was fun. Willy is the only one that really got into scooping the guts out, and then he started putting them back in after they were out. :) Caleb and Peter did not appreciate the slimy feel of the guts. But Peter did enjoy the fact that my hands were all slimy and orange. The boy's two favorite parts of carving was designing the face and slicing into the pumpkin. Unfortunately for them Rob and I would not let them take over and use the knife. Caleb chose a spooky face, Peter also chose a spooky face (only later to put a happy face on the other side because he did not like the "sad face" of his pumpkin) and Caleb designed Willy B.'s pumpkin. It was fun. We made carmel popcorn for the boys to enjoy during the night and I think Caleb ate half the bowl. :) Fun family times.

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