Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yesterday found me...

Yesterday found me doing many different things that are not on the normal to do list. First, rake leaves in the snow. Monday we spent a lot of time playing in the leaves and having fun, but I knew it was going to snow on Tuesday so I was trying to get them up before they got all mushy. Well, after the garbage man took a bunch away in the morning Peter and I bundled up and put another load in the garbage can all the while it was snowing on us. We then came in, had hot chocolate and then started working on the Halloween costumes. I was putting the finishing touches on Caleb's robot costume when Peter decided he also wanted to be a robot and he wanted me to make him one too. Hummm? Weren't you going to be a cowboy? Yeah, he replies, he is going to be a cowboy robot. :) Only Peter. So, I started making his robot costume, put him down for a nap, and then Willy and I went outside to play in the snow. He was so excited to go out, he loves to be outside. And he had fun in the snow, it was very fun to watch.
That was yesterday, now for a few random photos of how a pile of leaves can grow and grow:

You might be wondering about Willy being so high up in the tree but he had a total blast. I would put him up there and then bring him down into the pile of leaves. He loved it! Caleb did some jumping from the tree too, but Peter stuck to the ground being happy with just climbing the mountain of leaves and playing in them. fright
The rest of the week you ask? Today is getting Willy's alien costume ready and getting ready for the Gray Boy's Sleepover. It should be a "Frightfully" Fun time. :) Ha Ha! Caleb's Halloween parade at school on Thursday, trick-o-treating at Rob's office on Friday and then up to Granny's house on Saturday. Caleb has decided he will be the box robot on Thursday and Friday, then Saturday night he is going to be a glow-stick robot for the night time. Should be fun!

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