Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Nesting Instinct

Isn't it awesome! Some of you may not relate but seriously, I have really been feeling it lately. Since finding out that our baby will be born on the 12th of October, if not sooner, I have been kicking it into high gear. I have all these projects that I have been trying to get done and now, now is the time! Of course, staying up REALLY late is not all that logical but it sure feels good to get some of this stuff accomplished.

I know, the photo may not be that great (sorry Heidi) but I just wanted to try and remember some of the things I have accomplished in the last few days. What you have here is three of the Halloween costumes (stegosaurus, T-Rex, and The Egg), scrapbook pages (I am really trying to catch up), Halloween and army guy pillowcases for my three boys, a church activity with felt shapes, and some other magnet activities that the boys can do together. Plus I am trying to stay caught up on the daily stuff but not going full force until maybe the 10th or 11th. :) I just wish that the nesting instinct would come around even when you are not weeks away from adding more chaos to your life. Where was this gung-ho feeling when I was slim and trim with life in a little bit of balance? Oh wait, I just needed the right motivation. Well, for now baby #4 is that motivation and I will be up late again this weekend preparing for cute chaos to enter our home.

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Heidi Mae said...

Look at you ms crafty! I thought the same thing with this last baby. But mine only lasted a few days before my body couldn't keep up any longer. Hope yours holds up better.