Friday, September 3, 2010

Peter's day in the sun!

This is my Peter. Ready for school, he has been ready for a couple of years now actually. But finally his day came. No more waiting and wondering when it would be here, he was ready to go. He rode his bike all the way to school, across the street and into the cul-de-sac. And please note the football shirt, Peter's personal choice and he was so excited to wear this to school. He is such a sportsman. Then I came home and Willy was so sad he would not be going back with Peter. Then when I picked up Peter he was full of information. So different from Caleb. You ask Caleb about school and he mentions one thing then has forgotten the rest. Humph! But Peter told me almost every detail, even what he played with, how the day ran, and how the other boy took his mail and then Miss Margaret made him give it back to Peter. He is such a cool kid! He came home and told Willy that "Preschool is FUN!" and then he told me "Preschool was fantastic!" What a great attitude this boy has!

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Heidi Mae said...

Way to go Peter! Cooper starts in a few weeks. I'm excited for him, (he's been itching to go for awhile now) but kind of sad to not have him around all day. How often is Peter's preschool? How long is it? Cooper's is only 3x's a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) for 2hrs and 45mins each day.