Sunday, September 19, 2010

The season is upon us

It is that time of year when my boys are playing soccer. I love it! I love cheering for them and watching them go out there and have fun and play hard. I have to admit that I expect a lot from my soccer players and I am probably too much talk of technique (especially at Peter's young age). I should just let them go out there and have fun, but with all my "coaching" on the sidelines and pumping them full of stuff on the ride home after they seem to be enjoying themselves. Much to their dismay however is that when one game is going on mommy is not playing with them. I am actually watching the game instead of hanging out with the one not playing. The nerve! :) OH and we are definitely getting the soccer miles on our truck. We have soccer Monday (game -Caleb), Wednesday (game -Peter), Thursday (practice -Caleb), and Saturday (games -Caleb and Peter). It is awesome! So, the stars of the show:
Caleb is awesome! He loves being active and being on the team. He has been playing defense for most of his games and really done well. He is so proud to tell everyone how he blocks the offense from getting their goal and he was really into the energy of the game yesterday. He followed the ball for most of the game and stayed in there the whole time. It was great!
Peter! Oh it is his first year and he is terrific, fantastic and awesome! Isn't this a fabulous action shot of the boy? Now, this is not just his proud mother saying this, his coach said it too; he is one of the best players on the team. Seriously, he is always out there with his strong kicking leg, staying with the ball most of the time and he never wants to come out for a break. He would play the whole time if there were not other kids needing a chance. I am not sure if it is because he has watched Caleb play and heard me talk so much soccer or if it is just the little spirit of sports in his heart but he is awesome! He knows how to go after the ball, kick it up the sidelines, stay focused (boy is that a big one!) on the ball and game. And proudly I will say that he is not one of those children that is holding hands with someone else on the field and la-t-daing it around in the grass. He is actually in the game and having fun. These boys are so cool! Just a few more weeks and then soccer will be done, the season goes by so fast. I hope they have fun, I am pretty sure they will.

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