Wednesday, October 6, 2010


That is what I am. Why, you ask? Because this little boy

Mr. Soccer dude, has had his game canceled for tonight. RRRRRRRRRR! Why? Oh, it rained like 2 hours ago and now it is windy with some chill in the air. But who cares I say? On Monday Caleb played in the same conditions and it was so windy at the game but they did not cancel. Plus, Peter's game is in 2 hours, things could totally change and be fine. We can bundle up, people! My kid is tough, 4 year olds can handle this! Plus, we have played in the snow before, why not some wind. Do they cancel football for a little rain and wind? NO! They play in blizzards! Oh, and you ask when did they reschedule the game for? Next Wednesday! That is a major problem since I will be in the hospital with a newborn. UGH, I do not want to miss Peter's last game! I know, you are all going to tell me that there is plenty of soccer in our future but that does not matter! I want to be there now. But I will have to resign myself to the fact that the game was canceled and just hope that they are wise enough to play on Saturday so that I can be there for one more game before the season is over for me.

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