Sunday, October 10, 2010

A pretty much perfect day

Yesterday, Saturday, was a great day for our family. I just wanted to have some way of remembering it, for those days in the very near future when my three boys may seem discontent with their life. It started with going to soccer and cheering our hearts out. Peter did great! At times he seemed less than excited but he was there for his team the whole way and wanted to do his best. He is such a great sportsman. Caleb's game was terrific! It was the last of the season and the best. The team we played was super good but we also played fantastically. Caleb started off as goalie, allowed 2 goals but also made some terrific saves. He also knows how to kick that ball out of the area when the time comes and did good at getting it past all of the reds. Then for the second half he was at defense and he is so super good for his team. OH, he makes me proud and the games go by so fast because there is such great action and playing. Caleb made some awesome saves for the team. I mean seriously, he was right there where the action was and really did great.

Give credit to Rob for these amazing shots! I was cheering my heart out while the plays were happening. I mean seriously, isn't this kid awesome!?! Look at that face, look at the way he was ready to go at it for his team. His heart was in it my friends and it was so cool. The final score was 4-3, the other team won by a goal. A bit disappointing but the game was so good, you could not be unhappy with anyone who gave their heart out there. Plus, once the boys received their trophies, which light up may we add, that made them a bit happier.
But the day did not end there. The younger two came home for a nap, we broke out the Nutella and had some yummy bread with that and then we went swimming in the evening. The pool was basically empty so it was fun to play together and swim. Caleb enjoyed going down the slide and playing tag with Rob. Caleb and Peter had a blast splashing with Rob and even got me in on the action with sneak attacking him. William loved jumping off the edge with Peter and playing water football with Peter. The boys LOVE going swimming so we wanted to go one more time before little baby comes. It was so fun, and the water did not seem all that cold. We all walked away saying how much fun the day had been. What a great feeling! These boys are awesome, all of them including Rob. I will miss being able to be with them this much in the coming months, but little baby will add something to the family. I know. Two more days to get ready. But until then I have one more fun thing planned for these guys. On Monday night we are going to have a blue dinner for my boys. Blue rolls, blue mashed potatoes, blue drink, blue jello, plates, cups, utensils, blue balloons..... I hope they will like it.

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