Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?

Many people have asked me, "What do you guys do all week up at Scofield?" Usually Rob has been at work during the week and the kids and I stay at the cabin doing this and that. Here is just a small part of what we do for good times at Scofield. We really do enjoy going there and it is so sad that we only have one more week at the cabin before school starts. We will make the most of it for sure!
We go fishing
We are brave and jump off the docks

We go on walks (isn't it a pretty place?)
Some of us choose not to go to sleep in the crib
We read lots of stories (Peter "read" that book to Haley and she sat there the whole time, listening very intently. It was so cute.)
We have loved visiting the lambs and petting them. This is when they were weeks old.
And this is when they are bigger. The one Caleb is petting is his absolute favorite.

We play in the water
And the sand

This little girl loves the lake and apparently cantaloupe
And she even learned to crawl at the cabin! Yeah!

The only thing I did not catch a picture of this week were the two buck that visited the cabin site this week. It was so cool! One afternoon Peter was out on the front deck and I saw him waving and saying, "Hi!" I could not imagine who he was waving to so I popped my head out the door and I saw two buck just a few feet away from our cabin! How exciting! Then the next morning we were outside again and Caleb spotted them just at the top of the road. It is so fun to watch for wildlife and be there. We definitely miss Rob when he is not with us but the boys love being so close to the lake and playing in the mountains. So, next week will be the last for the summer but we will have more adventures and fun times.