Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scofield's last hurrah!

With school and soccer beginning next week we knew this would be our last trip to Scofield for the year. We played around during the week when it was just the kids and mom. Caleb learned to row the inflatable boat and he took great satisfaction in that. Then Pa brought up the boat on Friday and we played around in that the rest of the time. Caleb was a stud and went tubing!
Caleb did not want to go too fast but Pa managed to build up some pretty good waves for him to bounce around on. He was so fun to watch! William even went in the tube once and had a ball until the boat picked up too much speed then he was done. What a cute kid.

Haley had fun on the boat - watching Caleb in the tube and also watching Rob water-ski and go tubing. Rob had an awesome ride on the tube, Pa did an awesome job of driving the boat.

Peter Man did a terrific job on swimming and went as far out in the lake as Caleb ever has. He was just kicking around in his life jacket, paddling himself where ever he wanted to go. He surprised us a few times with how far out in the lake he went. He was feeling very confident in his swimming skills this week.
Betty also came to the cabin and Caleb loved it. The boys all made this rockin' structure (they called it a T-pee) in back of the cabin. It was made from sticks and grass. The boys had a blast making it together. Then Betty stepped up and helped Caleb find more treasures to add to the masterpiece. They found flags from in the cabin, things from the beach, odds and ends from everywhere. Caleb was thrilled with the finished product! They did great! And last but not least, we took Betty on one of our traditional adventure drives through the mountains to look for Bambi. Were we ever in luck!?! We ended up seeing 39 (Caleb claims 40) deer on our drive. Some were way up on the slope of the mountain, some closer to the road. Once we even came upon a family of one buck, 3 doe, and 3 fawns right by the side of the road. What a treat! To see wild life up close and in such beautiful surroundings. It was wonderful! It was bitter-sweet to leave Scofield today. I was so glad for all the fun times we had at Scofield this summer. My boys love it there! I am glad to think that next year Haley will be walking and enjoying more of it with us (and making it easier for us to enjoy more things together). But I am sad to think that the summer has come to a close. But there is still one more week before Caleb begins school and I am determined to cram something else "summery" into our time before homework becomes the norm. Scofield, you were awesome this year! See you in 2012~

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