Friday, August 12, 2011

Weber county fair

We ventured up to Odgen today for the Weber fair. Pa and his friend were playing some music for the fair and they had extra tickets. We tagged along and had a good time. It was the boys' first fair and they were trying to experience it all. Had we more money on hand they could have experienced more, but there is just never enough when it comes to satisfying the child's desire. But they had fun in doing what they did and they soaked up some rays, good music, and some animal viewing time. Pa, thanks for letting us tag along and have a fun time!

Haley was rockin' and singing to Pa's music. It was so awesome!
The Power Bounce; both Caleb and Peter did it and loved it. Peter was able to achieve some height and Caleb got super high plus did some flips. Very fun.

Caleb loved the rock wall, as always.
Now for the animals. There were some that we found interesting, comical, odd. They include:
This full grown chicken resembling a rabbit without the long ears.
The rabbit - dog entry
And this duck; no that is not a hat on it's head, it is some sort of feather contraption.
Now for some of our favorites:
This chicken was so cool with all of it's markings.
This bunny was just too beautiful to pass up.
Look at the horns on this goat. He was ready to climb out and eat any kid's straw hat that got too close. Caleb kept a safe distance from him.
And speaking of horns! Check out his Texas Long Horn! "WHOA!" as William would say. Yes, my friends, those things are real!
Finally, the baby kid goats were adorable!

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