Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Recap

The month has come and gone and here I am just posting about it.  Oh well, at least someone can remember it for the future. :)  So, what happened to the Rob Gray family during October?
 We saw a moose!  OH YEAH!  The boys and I have wanted to see a moose since I cannot remember when.  A real live moose, in nature.  So, when we went on a trip through the canyon with Pa and Betty our dreams came true and we saw one, very up close, and it was awesome!  It was actually a family of moose, the dad is the darker one and then there was a mom in the bushes and two babies behind her.
 It was little Miss Haley's birthday and we celebrated big!  Lest I forget how she started the day, she woke up at the very early hour of 5:30 am!!!  Some would think that she was excited to get the day started but no; she woke up very grouchy and sad.  It was a hard way to start the day.  But after nap-time we were ready to go.  She got one of the only balloons I could find in the city, due to the helium shortage and all that nonsense.  She received some beautiful flowers from us and had yummy breadsticks for lunch.
 Then we took her to the zoo.  It was a drizzly day at the zoo and not many people were there.  But all the animals were out and we loved it!
 It was the first time we got to see the panda bear and the seals and it was so exciting to watch them swim right up to the glass and be so personable.  We also watched the baby snow leopard pouncing on and playing with it's mother, we saw the baby giraffe, Haley went on her first carousel ride and loved it, and before leaving we were stared down by a very large tiger who looked like he was ready to eat us.
 Haley was also booted out of the crib and given Willy's toddler bed.  That meant that Willy got a larger bed and now Haley is adjusting to the freedoms that toddlerhood brings.
We carved pumpkins Sunday after the Primary program.  The whole Primary did awesome, by the way, in the program and it was wonderful.  Everyone, even Haley, helped clean out the pumpkins that they grew in the garden and I think Haley is the most proud of her little pumpkin.
 And then there are the Halloween costumes that the boys were so excited about.  They all wanted to be ninjas this year.  So, they chose the color, I sewed them up and they looked awesome!  They loved battling with their daggers and swords, showing me cool ninja moves and getting ready for the candy.
 Haley on the other hand was excited to be a ninja but not so much to wear the costume.  This is one of the only pictures I have of the little orange ninja in full costume; and it is not even on Halloween night.  She refused to wear her costume for trick or treating.  She actually just stayed at Granny Gray's while the boys went out and collected their loot.  She preferred to dress as a screaming banshee for Halloween because that is more what she acted like than the cool ninjas her brothers were.
 Caleb being awesome.  Caleb had eaten too much candy at school that day and so he chose not to eat any candy on Halloween night.  Instead he brought it home to weigh it before devouring.  He collected a whooping 5.5 pounds of candy.  Willy was jealous.
  October went out with a bang last night as Haley woke up in the middle of the night for more banshee action and would not go to sleep until she had her say; 2 hours later.  Boy will I be glad when that girl realizes that she can communicate with words and not screams.
  Now it is on to November.  One of my favorite months of the year.  Heres hoping that we make some more happy family memories.

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