Friday, December 14, 2012

Lest we forget the celebrating

This December has been full of so many fun things!  Being with my kids and feeling the festive and beautiful spirit of Christmas is wonderful.  To name just a few of the activities:
 Pa and Betty took us to a carousel they are just in love with.  All of the boys had to have a turn on this dragon, each of them were so excited to be out on the town.  They even got to see Santa that night.
 Peter was recognized as Student of the Month for Academic Achievement.  He was very excited!
 We built a child friendly nativity set.  Haley and William love the hands on aspect of the blocks.
 Just a couple of the many crafts we have been doing.  Those are elves if you cannot tell.
 We have been doing the Holiday ABCs all this month.  For each letter I have had the boys draw a mini-picture of what the activity or letter was that day.  Caleb has really gotten into this with great detail.  You can also see the nativity that each of the boys got to make for the letter N.
A close up of Caleb's depiction of the nativity.  He did such a great job.
 And just today my children have been especially sweet with each other.  Haley, being the girl of the family, loves her cinderella.  So, Peter chose to play with Haley and wrapped up a different doll so that he could be with Haley.  So far so good.
Then there are the other two, making a fun mess with legos and enjoying every minute of it.  I will not complain, they are being good to each other.
Not pictured but just as important to remember:  Caleb bore his testimony in church and was so sincere and honest about his simple testimony.  Our oven broke, big time, and thus we receive a new oven for Christmas.  We have had fun ding-dong ditching a few families and also had a few families come looking for us and eventually finding us, bummer deal.

But the month is still young, we have so many other things planned to do and make.  It is going to be fun and memorable, just what Christmas-time should be.

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Elisa said...

So cute! Love the Button Christmas Trees and elves!! You've been always:)