Friday, February 1, 2013

January will not be forgotten

Well, we missed posting about Christmas.  It was fun, the kids got loads of fun things to play with and we have no place to put it all.  We saw a buck deer, well I should say Diedre saw a buck run past the Gray's front window on Christmas morning - so freakin' cool!  The Gray's Christmas Eve singing/talent night was awesome as always!
 We took a ride on one of the Temple Square horse carriages this year and all loved it!  It was very cool
We also took a trip to Scofield to show the boys what it was like in the winter time.  Boy was it FRIGID!!!!! Icy cold, BRRRRRR, gloves were freezing it was so cold.  7 degrees below zero cold.  Needless to say the kids did not last long and we made a quick trip of it.  However, Peter and Caleb did manage to make it almost to the other side of the lake before turning around.  See those tiny black dots out there, those are my boys.  They only turned around because they said I was not coming with them. :)  We also found out there are hundreds of people who brave the cold and ice fish out there.  BRRR!

Now to January.  Boy was it a long month of waiting for February to come.  But we tried to make the most of it.  Our most exciting adventure was the zoo.
 We were able to see the river otters for the first time and they are fun to watch.  Here is Peter watching one swim, they are long and fast.
 We were able to see the cute baby giraffe, and four other giraffes in one tiny space.  I bet they cannot wait for spring to come.
We got to see the awesome sea lion swim and then the seals zip past for a good while.
One of the boys' favorite parts of the zoo trip was launching snow balls at anything they could find.  They honestly tried to avoid innocent people, except for the one kid that threw them back and for hitting each other.  They launched snow into the river, in the seals water, at any building they saw, at trees and yes at Haley and I.  They were in Heaven, and did not feel cold at all  It was a great way to say goodbye to January.  Yea for February!  

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