Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

Look at that cute bunch of kids!  So, excited to get out there and snatch up the eggs.
And look at that spread of eggs!  The little Haley is cute too, but man alive did we have a lot of eggs.
 There were quite a few kids who needed extra bags for all their eggs.  No matter how big of a bag they had, they did not have enough room.  In total there were over 600 easter eggs for 8 kids to grab up.  Very cool!
Caleb was the lucky guy who found the golden egg.  And no, he did not have any help from his mom or sneak around to find it.  He was just that lucky.  
After everyone counted up their loot and fattened up their felt piggy banks that they received (you can see Caleb's by is foot), we chowed down.   Good food, tons of eggs, happy kids and family all around; it was a wonderful Easter!

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