Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away!

We all know that Diedre loves soccer.  I love watching my boys play soccer, I love cheering for my boys, I love having them get excited about the game and doing their best!  It is awesome.
So, you can imagine the disappointment that Caleb and I felt when there was rain this morning and our first game of the season was canceled!  BOO and BUMMER!  Some parents and kids may not want to play in those conditions but Caleb and I were fine with it.  He was ready to get out there and make some saves and get his jersey dirty.  He is fun to watch when he makes a good dive as goalie and he shows no fear.  However, the game was canceled and we were left with plenty of rice krispy treat soccer balls to eat ourselves and share with the neighbors.  And we are also left with plenty of excitement for next weeks opening game and to show our stuff!
These are some photos from practice, because even that can be fun!
 Caleb is number 9.  Goalie gloves ready for the action.
His cheering section.  Actually Peter hates it when I cheer, I must be too loud or something. 
UPDATE 22 April 2013
I forgot to mention something that I wanted to remember for the future that Caleb told me after practice.  This last Thursday I dropped him off at practice then took Peter over to math night at the school.  About 30 min later we went back to pick up Caleb and he later told me that he missed having me there at practice.  He said, "I guess your cheering/yelling for/at me has become part of my soccer and I missed that tonight."  What a sweet kid to tell me that and how funny that it has sort of become something that he expects from me.  I love it!

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