Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pinewood Derby Greatness

So, last night was the pinewood derby for scouts and it was great!  When I asked Caleb how he wanted to design his car he said he wanted it to be the Knight Bus from Harry Potter.  Ok.  I inquired to know wether this was just because he wanted to get out of sanding and cutting or if he really wanted to just make it easy on himself.  He denied all claims to getting out of working and said that is just what he wanted to do.  So, we got out the purple paint and began the design process of painting.  It was fun.  We made little windows for people we could paint.  We did the crazy driver, the purple clothed guy, Harry, the owl, and a lamp.  We had four more windows to fill and when I asked Haley what we should put in them she was determined to have her in a window.  So, we painted a Haley, a Peter, and a Caleb and William in the remaining windows and the Knight Bus was ready for action. 
 Here you see Caleb proudly holding up his Knight Bus and the award he received.  Now do not be fooled into thinking we are master pinewood derbymen.  This car was not the fastest.  But he did receive an award nonetheless.  And Caleb's most exciting moment of the night was when his car came in 2nd!  He ran around exclaiming, "that is my best record ever!!!!"  He was on cloud nine.
Peter was also able to run his Harry Potter car he made a month ago and also received a similar award as Caleb did.  Peter was also very excited when they did two free races (those not scout age with a car could run their car) and his car won both times.  Very happy times.

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