Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby animals make your heart melt

One of our neighbors up at Scofield is the sweetest ever.  Pace and Tonda are so cool.  Pace always comes out to talk to the kids.  For the past few years Tonda has taken bum lambs from sheep herders and takes care of them.  She keeps them mainly down at her house in Price because she has so many.  She also has milking goats to help feed the bummer lambs.  Well, this past week Tonda brought up two bummer lambs and 5 goats for the kids to pet, play with, and help feed.  It was so fun!  The kids love going over to pet the lambs and be with them.  I love going out and "talking" with the lambs and goats. They "maaaa", we "maaa", back and forth it goes.  So fun!
 Peter with the lambs.
 Caleb named this one Popcorn.  Tonda said that was a very appropriate name for the lamb.  Tonda said when she found that lamb in the pen of the sheep herder it was almost dead.  She took it home and tube fed it every hour until it could survive.  Tonda said, "So, Popcorn popped out of it and is alive now."
 Now, this has got to be the cutest thing we saw all week long!!!!!  As we were getting ready to leave Saturday night Tonda came back from feeding her other lambs with this precious bundle wrapped up in a blanket.  Tonda told us that right before she left Price one of her goats gave birth to triplets.  This little sweetie was not able to feed off the mother and Tonda did not want it to die.  So, she brought it to Scofield with her so that she could feed it and care for it through the night.  We were so lucky to be able to see it.  This little goat was named Brownie and in this picture it is only 2 hours old. 
 All of them together; Tonda, Brownie, Caleb, William, Peter, and Cia (Tonda's niece).
We all LOVED the baby goat!  Haley even pet it, she is usually afraid of animals approaching her.  But this sweet little goat was not intimidating to her.  We got to watch it take its first walk around the place, on wobbly legs at first and then with more strength the longer it was there.  But soon it got tired and started to lay down.  It was so soft, with long velvety ears and the cutest, smallest little baby goat sound that I have ever heard.  Tonda is so awesome to bring up the lambs and now the goat for these kids to be around and experience. This is something we will never forget.

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