Monday, July 22, 2013

Peter-Parker Day

No, it is not what you think it is.  This is not a celebration of Spiderman.  Nothing at all related to the web-slinger.  It was celebrating the two cute kids in the picture below and the friendship that blossomed the week of the fourth.  Parker is a little girl that lives in Salt Lake but she has a cabin near ours at Scofield.  Peter and Parker became instant friends.  They both have names that begin with P.  They are both 7.  They both had a gap in the same spot of their mouth from a missing tooth.  And they hung out together all week long.  I think they they were only apart to sleep, use the bathroom, and when I made Peter give them some family time.  Other than that they were shadows of each other.  They did everything together.  Swim, play in Parker's hot tub, play games at Parker's cabin, eat lunch together, go on walks to look for rocks and crawdad claws, and they just wandered the campsite talking with each other from sun up to sun down.  So, on the fourth, Peter told me that the next day would be Peter-Parker Day.  They came up with it all on their own.   They came up with some ideas and I helped out a little too.
 The two best buddies.
 They ate lunch together and not pictured they also painted sun-catchers together.
They went on walks along the beach to find bambi or rocks or just to talk.
 In the evening Peter came up to me asking for toys that we do not play with anymore so that he could put them in a box.  Upon inquiring why he said that he and Parker would be making a time capsule and opening it in when they turn 11.  They went along collecting the funniest of things.  Rocks, broken glass from the beach, a ball.... all random stuff.  I convinced them to write a note to themselves in the future and include that in the time capsule also.  
Then we buried it behind our cabin to be opened in 4 years.  What cute kids!

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