Monday, July 22, 2013

The best, most magnificent days of summer

Basically, this is the best place to be in the summer!  Swimming, jumping off docks, mud, wildlife right out your front door, friends to play with, summer sun and family time.  We love this!
 The boys are very fond of mud pits that allow you to sink and squish and play in.  Gooey, muddy fun. And the best is that the lake is right there.  After you get muddy, go wash it off in the lake and then do it all over again!
 Playing in the water together!
 Swimming races and being brave in the water.  Peter and Caleb are experts at swimming and jumping off the dock.  William is getting more brave by swimming far out from the dock and putting his head under the water now.
 Being brave enough to grab crawdads right out of the water and show them off for mom.
 Spending time together is the best!
 Swinging, swinging and more swinging.  One of Haley's favorites.
 Having fun and acting silly and wild on the tube.
 Not only seeing elk and mystery birds and deer on adventure drives, we also see the occasional fawn.
The boys found a shallow river bed to walk along and splash in.  They also found mud to sink in and pelicans to watch and then chase away.  Haley and I were there too, just not quite as wet. 
 We read books a lot and look for Waldo.
 We wake in the morning and find ducklings nesting on our dock and once in a while find a blue heron walking along the beach.  So cool!
The at night we heave a sigh of happiness, read stories, snuggle down in cozy blankets and dream about more of the fun we will have the next day.  Summer is the best!

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