Monday, January 27, 2014

Always an adventure

This weekend was full of many things.  We had a science fair project to finish up, get ready for church and teach a new song to the primary.
Caleb chose to test different vinegars to see which one produced Co2 the best.  So, we got the supplies: 5 different vinegars, baking soda, balloons, water bottles and towels.  We needed lots of them.  It was fun to watch the balloons inflate with the reaction from the baking soda and vinegar.  And I think we may have learned a few things too.
See, we needed those towels. While Caleb and I were busy filling water bottles with vinegar and balloons with baking soda; Peter, William and Haley were conducting their own "experiments."  Experiments that landed them all in the bathtub afterwards, every kitchen towel dirty and a very big mess to clean up and mop.
The mess!!!  But they had fun.
Moving on to Sunday night and one sad boy.  Caleb wanted to play balloon volleyball with me after church.  I said yes, as soon as I had dinner almost done because Steve was coming for dinner.  He sweetly waited and then we started our game.  It was fun, we were laughing and going for the balloon. I hit it to Caleb, Caleb went with one of his goalie moves to dive for the balloon...sadly his head came into contact with the very hard window sill and they both lost.  Instant blood gushing from his head and that white piece he is holding is the window sill that his head broke off on contact.  OUCH!  I ran and grabbed a towel for his head and Rob and Caleb headed for Insta-care.  Steve pulled up at that moment to watch them drive away to eventually get 5 stitches.  Poor guy!  While Caleb was waiting for the stitches he pulled the towel away and found a chunk of hair.  Seems as if that white slab of windowsill cut his hair on impact.  What a tough kid.  Also, while they were gone and the rest of us were eating dinner Haley and William were playing in the brown room and suddenly we heard the sound of breaking glass.  Seems as if they knocked over one of the table lamps and it broke.  I think that room was cursed last night.  Then this morning he woke up with a bad ear-ache.  UGH.  I still sent him to school seeing as how he had this awesome science fair project to turn in.  Bad mom, I hope not.  But one thing is for sure, Life is always an adventure.  I will try to focus on the good parts of the adventure.

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Such cute kids. You are doing a great job keeping up your blog. My number is 801-259-6471.