Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Closer and closer to the day

We have had a few more countdown weeks since I last wrote about the baptism.  I think he might be getting more excited about  things.
 For Christmas Peter wanted a map.  I took that idea and made a cross stitch "map of a happy life."  The idea is that is starts at the day he was born.  Then along the path there are things he can do to make his life happy.  Baptism is on there.  Then church, prayer, the commandments, scriptures, the temple.... all leading up to heaven with an eternal family.  I told him that if he follows the path and does the things that it says, he will have a happy life.
 It rolls up like a scroll.
Another week we talked about the sacrament.  And this week we talked about repentance.  The analogy was that just as a pencil makes a mark on paper and the eraser takes the mark away, when we make a wrong choice or sin it puts a mark on our spirit and life but when we repent it can "erase"those marks and make us clean again.  I am so excited for this little boy and the good kid he is.  He really is a sweet boy who is trying to follow Jesus.  I hope his day will be filled with happiness and the spirit, so he can want those feelings with him forever.

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