Friday, February 21, 2014

The rest of life

So, besides birthday preparations and getting ready for a baptism in a few weeks, day to day life just keeps happening.  We have fights about homework, cleaning the house, taking showers, going to bed on time, and trying to get ready for end-of-year testing.  We also have fun moments with legos and potions, and singing songs together and reading stories.
 Caleb's science fair project was chosen to go on to district.  We were all very happy for him.  His teacher gave him great marks on his project.  Unfortunately he did not move on but I think he learned a lot from the experience.
 Caleb (and other boys) made messes in the kitchen with mom's cooking supplies.  This particular time was an explosion of corn starch when Caleb was not ready.  Right now as I type, Peter is in the kitchen playing with about 5 different tupperwares + water + food coloring + plants + seasonings from my cooking stuff.  That will be fun to clean up.  But at least he is happy.
 William celebrated his 100th day of Kindergarten.  Yeah!
He had to do a 100 day project, so we chose rainbow colored beads that he could put on a keychain and show the class.  He was one of two kids in his class that actually did the project.  Go William!  He also came home with this cool crown and necklace with 100 fruit loops.  He really has learned so much in the last 100 days!

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