Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Don't cry because it is over, SMILE because it happened"

Dr. Seuss said it well.  We have had such a terrific school year with these amazing teachers, and to say goodbye to them was kind of sad.  But we choose to focus on the happy.  It was not a perfect year, there were some bumps along the way but they made it, largely in part to their wonderful teachers.  Peter learned so much about animals, math and progressed in his Spanish.  But his teachers also helped him learn a little bit more about being a friend.  Caleb did so much this year.  Science fair, wax museum, music/songs memorized, how to stay on task better without reading too much.  But he also learned that if you try to be your best self, people notice that and want to be your friend.  William, Mr. Kindergartner, learned how to read, spell, write better, patterns, math mountains and how to get along with a room full of kids.  They are all ready for next year, but first we are going to go play in the lake.

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