Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wrapping things up

We have been busy, learning and playing and growing.  Scouts has kept us on our toes as well as the end of summer, getting ready for Scofield and more soccer fun.
First up, SCOUTS!  Caleb turns 11 in July.  Which means we had to get busy in order to get Webelos and Arrow of Light.  Did we ever get busy!  A few of our projects that took up space on the counter:  crystal trees.
Our own experiment on growing stalactites and stalagmites.
Creating ice tunnels with salt and color.  Fun on a hot day.  Other things not pictured, struggling through reports, fun activities for some of us, boring for others.
 But for all of this hard work Caleb earned all of this.  Wowzers!  Pins and belt loops for many things, badges for Webelos and...
 Peter also earned several pins and belt loops and we as a family earned the Fun in the Family certificate and badges.  Caleb only has two more things to do for Arrow of Light and then he moves on to the big leagues.  Hard work and time pay off.
 On to the end of school madness and fun.  William was able to have a fun Kindergarten picnic.  He has made some fun friends and learned SO VERY MUCH!  
Peter was recognized as Student of the Month and his teacher (the ever wonderful Mrs. Gruer) kept talking about how Peter loves to share his knowledge with his classmates and makes learning contagious.  He is a very good student.
Caleb has had a crazy-busy schedule.  The picture above had to be his most hectic.  He had his 5th grade patriotic performance during school, then again at 7:00pm that night.  He also had soccer practice at 5:30pm and pack meeting at 7:00.  We went to soccer, left 15 min early and he changed for pack meeting in the truck.  Made it to pack meeting where he did the flag ceremony and received all his awards.  Then we left early and he changed in the truck so we could make it to the end of his patriotic performance for school and the parents.  Whew!
Caleb was Eli Whitney for the 5th grade wax museum.  Sweet!

All three of these smart boys earned their school's Husky Award.  Having a list of requirements to pass off throughout the year for each grade level.  A great accomplishment.

And not to forget this cute girl.  Last night after soccer she noticed the snowie place was open and she  demanded some summer sweetness to end the day.  Tomorrow brings the last day of school.  It will be bitter sweet, these boys have had the most amazing teachers!  The dance festival will be fun, looking forward to all the fun of the cabin and relaxing days of summer will be awesome!  But saying good bye to fabulous teachers and school friends will be the serious side of things.  We are grateful for the experience.

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