Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer, enjoying the time

 What would summer be without trips to Scofield, time with family and enjoying the outdoors?  
Our first trip up to Scofield was great!  Jonathan joined us for the journey and it was super having him along.  If they were not playing spy games or playing in the lake, Jonathan had them playing cards.  We also went for a hike together and shot off mini-rockets.  What a great way to start the summer!
 For Caleb's birthday we always make time for the rodeo.  But since the last few years we are always at the cabin when the rodeo is going, we went early and hit up Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove.  It was well worth the extra travel, even though Haley was very unhappy on the trip back home at midnight.  The rodeo was super!  We saw something new, the "cash-cow."  Where kids 10 and under were in the arena, then they let loose 3 steer with cash taped to them.  The kids were to run after the steer and try to get the cash off.  Such a crazy idea that was fun.  I think everyone had fun at the rodeo and it ended with an amazing fireworks display that left us all excited for the fourth.

Caleb and Peter had their first scout camp and loved it!  Peter came home very dirty but excited.  Caleb came home being the smart one from his troop, having had tons of fun even though he suffered allergies the whole time with no meds.  Look at that eye.
And a first for us, Summer Soccer.  Normally we only do Fall and Spring but Caleb's coach wanted the team together for the summer, a little more prep work for Fall.  OH MY!  It was tough, even though we went into the season thinking it would be laid back.  Caleb used his scouting knowledge to help him though some tough games, Do Your Best.  Diedre was extra tough on Caleb at times because of some rough games.  We played one easy team and the rest were competition level teams that we were not quite ready for.  But Caleb did it.  He has the heart of a player, a strong dedication to the team and his coach, and he is continuously learning the skills he needs to be a better goalie.  We are proud of him. 

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